2009 – Downfall Demo e.p.

A selection of songs from a previous project, repackaged/rebadged as Kinasis and used as a promotional item to get gigs in the early days of Kinasis.  Now out of print.
1. Crossfire
2. Single Shot Theory
3. The Turning Point
4. (dis)Connected

2010 – 3 track demo e.p. (includes a bonus 4th track on later pressings)
Kinasis first proper demo. Well received by various regional radio stations and internet radio stations, got an 11 out of 13 review at Now out of print.
1. In Vivo
2. The Human Condition
3. Aftermath
4. Aftermath [Tungsten Codex EBM remix] by Allicorn

2015 – Divine Self Invention (Kinasis self-released debut, full-length album)
Recorded by Kinasis and the late Ivor Hawthorne (RIP) from Sept to Nov 2012 at The Collective Studios, Bridgwater. Mixed and mastered by Justin Hill (SikTH) at Battery Studios, London in Dec/Jan 2013.  The album release was delayed several times, partly due to an extended mourning period for Ivor and various subsequent factors that were outside of the bands control.

1. 9.0
2. Ersatz
3. Awakening
4. Jauhar
5. Mechanical Rapture
6. Regenesis
7. Mimicry, Ambivalence and Hybridity
8. Circles (Bonus track on physical/CD release only)

The album is available for purchase/download from all good digital music stores. Physical CD copies of the album are available for purchase from the Kinasis store at

Reviewers comments on Divine Self Invention:
In Print:
From Terrorizer, May 2016.

Online reviews (links to full review under quotes):
“Kinasis make no secret of their drive to succeed, and that attitude shines through on this album. They are taking no prisoners……”
“…complex time-changes next to some irresistible hooks; a bit of grind and a bit of groove…..”
“I need to see this band live. I might start making enquiries and see if I can get them to come and play in my living room tomorrow… Superb.”
Score: 4.5 out of 5
Nicola Edwards @ TBFM

“‘Divine Self Invention’ is a solid slice of groove-laden industrial edged metallic monstrosity….”
“Huge, punishing riffs, packed with enough punching power to instantly floor all but the most redoubtable heavyweight champion, combine with massive melodies which immediately immerse you in the dense layers of the tunes.”
“The twin guitars entwine and writhe around the basic rhythm structures, which in turn possess enough levity to let the talent of their protagonists shine through the intensity of the overall performances.”
“…an interesting, layered album which benefits from repeat listenings to explore its full breadth and depth.”
Score: 4 out of 5

Mark Ashby @

“Kinasis brings back what metal was, and is to come.”
“This album and this band is rates high on my best metal album ever created.”
“…these guys are the real deal. They are humble and they are one of the best melodic metal bands that have graced our generation.”
Score: 5 out of 5
Jack Saint @

Kinasis are due to re-enter the studio with Justin Hill (SikTH) in January 2017 to record a new e.p. Release details TBC.


Unsigned, progressive extreme-metal band from the South-West UK

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