Kinasis Booked For Hammerfest…

We’ve been keeping quiet about this for a little while now, but we are very proud to finally be able to announce our participation in this years Hammerfest, which will be taking place at Hafan Y Mor Holiday Park in Gwynedd, North Wales from the 23rd-26th March 2017.

We are due to play the second stage on Saturday 25th March – from 2pm-2:40pm, for the HRH Young Blood section of the festival.
Here’s the full lineup for Saturday @ Hammerfest:

If you already have your tickets for Hammerfest 2017 – we’ll see you in the pit!

Huge thanks to our manager Rachael @ Enso Music Management for sorting this out for us!


First gigs of 2017, studio update and more…

So news…. What’s happening on planet Kinasis?! Apparently lots! Lots of stuff is happening – all at the same time.

This weekend we have our first gigs of 2017.
Starting off on Friday night (17th Feb) with a little birthday shindig at Finns in Weymouth for our good friend Mark from Fissure of Riddles. Then on Saturday (18th Feb), we’re off to the Temple of Boom in Leeds for Wrathfest Vol1, an all day festival where we’ll be the main support act for headliners Sworn Amongst. Yup, Kinasis live at Leeds!

There are a few other dates coming up – including at least one that we are really excited about, but which we are forbidden to announce ATM! And that’s all we’ll say about that… Appendages crossed, we’ll be able to announce something exciting soon. So watch this space!

What else is going on? Well, Bloodstocks annual M2TM competition is already in full swing with heats happening all over the country (it seems to get earlier every year!). We were finalists in the 2015 Bristol M2TM heats, where we were pipped to the post by Endeavour and the mighty Mortishead. Last year there were no M2TM heats in Bristol, so we skipped last year. Sadly, this year we aren’t taking part because we are busy working on the new EP. But, wherever you live (in the UK at least) – we heartily encourage you to pop along to your local M2TM heats and support some local bands who are battling their way to Bloodstock!

In lieu of M2TM, this year we are taking part in the Wychwood Brewery/Hobgoblin Bloodstock Video competition instead. You can vote for our video here:

Our very metal brothers and sister in Xerosun have also entered the Bloodstock video competition. So go check that out and go vote for some bands.

Finally, the new EP:
If you’ve read any of our wibblings online recently, you’ll be aware that we recorded four songs with Justin Hill (ex-Sikth) in mid January. We’ve now had the initial mixes back for all four tracks….. And wow! We can’t wait for you to get your ear-holes around this lot of noise. Some of it sounds absolutely INSANE. Can’t wait to get the final mixes back…. Even we were surprised by how heavy the new material sounds.

We’re currently arguing over the title for the EP and coming up with ideas for the artwork. And we have four videos to get started on…… Damn, the list of things to do never ends with this project. Either way, we’ve got a lot to be getting on with. We will sporadically be popping out for random live dates here and there. Perhaps the odd festival or mini-tour here and there. Other than that, we’ll be working on more EP related stuff…

If you’re at Wrathfest this weekend, we’ll see you in the pit!