Kinasis News – July 2017

So we’re nearing the end of July and we’ve been busy behind-the-scenes making preparations for  something.  If you’ve been on our Facebook page recently, you may have noticed a count-down which will be reaching 0 this Friday… So something is happening on Friday…. But what?!  At this time we can only confirm that we shall be revealing something new. So please watch our FB page over the coming days to find out exactly what and when.

If you aren’t on FB – watch this space, or our other social media accounts on Friday for more details. And that’s enough mystery for now!  Or is it?!  {yes, that definitely is enough!}

We also have a few gigs lined up in the coming months.

August 2017
Sun 27th @ The Cobblestones, Bridgwater  (The Bash all-dayer with UKHC giants TRC Headlining)

Sept 2017
No bookings……. Yet!
Promotors: If you have any free dates, please contact our manager Rachael (Enso Music Management & PR):

Oct 2017
Scottish Tour supporting fellow Enso roster-mates Perpetua, plus local supports
Fri 13th @ The Garage Attic, Glasgow
Sat 14th @ The Venue, Dumfries
Sun 15th @ Musical Vision, Aberdeen (with Cleanse The Hive)

November 2017
Sat 11th @ The Frog and Fiddle, Cheltenham (Ashesfest VI) – Entry £5



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