Mammothfest THIS WEEKEND!


Mammothfest is THIS WEEKEND in Brighton – Eeeeep!
Several of the venues have sold out, including the Albert, where we’ll be playing on Sunday.

It all kicks off with two events tonight – Tech-metal at The Haunt, headlined by Textures and Black-metal at The Green Door Store, headlined by Eastern Front.
Continuing tomorrow night at the Concorde 2, where Venom inc. will be headlining.
And finishing up on Sunday, with two all-day events – the Stoner stage at The Green Door Store, headlined by Conan. And of course the Rikstock/emerging bands stage at The Albert, where we’ll be making an appearance…..

If you have your Mammothfest tickets, we’ll see you at The Albert on Sunday. If you don’t have tickets – it’s already too late.  But, if you are in or around the Maidenhead area tomorrow night, we have a pre-Mammothfest warm-up gig at The Anchor in Maidenhead with our good friends Xerosun and Tindall.  So please come along!

FB Event page for tomorrows Pre-Mammothfest gig


Mammothfest stage times announced…..

Just about a week to go until we hit Mammothfest 2016.  So head over to their website and get your tickets if you haven’t already (assuming they haven’t sold out just yet!)…..

Stage times have recently been announced for Sunday. We have a 30 minute set from 15:45-16:15, right before our very metal brothers (and sister) in Xerosun and Ascaris. So that section of the afternoon will be a bit of a family reunion. And there are some great bands on the rest of the bill – so get there in time to catch the first band – Just like Pokemon, you gotta catch them all.

In other news, we’ve been pretty quiet online and on social media lately – partly thanks to working stupidly long hours and partly thanks to being locked away rehearsing our Mammothfest set and tightening up our new material ready for when we hit the studio next year with Justin Hill (from SikTh) to record our E.P.

If you saw us on tour with Xerosun earlier this year, or any gigs we’ve had since then – you will know that we added a brand new song to our set called ‘Black dog’.  Well… Sadly the ‘dog’ has been put back in the kennel for now and won’t be appearing in our set again until after we hit the studio in January. But fear not – We WILL be airing another new song at Mammothfest called ‘Red Earth’, which will be our opening track.  And this may just be the only time we play it live before we record it.

Anyway, we’re looking forward to destroying Brighton next week…. The only question now is… Can we be trusted to remember to bring the napkins this time? Or is it our turn to bring the cake??  Heh heh – Ascaris know what we’re talking about! XD

Mammothfest 2016….


OK, so we are off to Brighton, to play the Rikstock/emerging bands stage at Mammothfest 2016 in a few weeks. We’ll be playing on Sunday 2nd October at The Albert with our very good friends Xerosun, Ascaris, Basement Torture Killings and The Heretic Order – along with Bloodyard, Spreading the Disease, Vrona, Killer Hurts, Hostile, Bleed Again, Chaos Trigger, Magna Carta and Here There Be Monsters.

We are currently attempting to get a new song rehearsed well enough, so we can debut it at Mammothfest. It might even be our opening number. So that will be something to look forward to!  In January 2017, we’ll be going into the studio with Justin from Sikth to record a new 4 song EP, which will feature this track and a few others……

We have also have a track featured on the official Mammothfest CD, which is the covermount CD on the Sept 2016 issue of Terrorizer magazine (featuring Devin Townsend on the cover)…. You can hear all about it from Mammothfests head honcho and all-round legend Steve Dickson in this video.

If you don’t already have tickets for Mammothfest 2016 – go and visit their website and buy, buy, buy!!

We also have a pre-Mammothfest warm up gig in Maidenhead with Xerosun and others on Saturday the 1st October 2016 at The Anchor… More details on this gig will follow in another post!

In the meantime, we’re off to rehearse.
See you in the pit!