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News – November 2017

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Live Dates:

This month we have a handful of gigs lined up:
11th @ The Frog and Fiddle – Cheltenham *
23rd @ Grand Central – Manchester **
25th @ The Pot – Rhyl ***

* with Metaprism, Ascaris, Outright Resistance, Mordrake and We Come From Ashes
** Headline show with Cadence Noir and Crescent Halo
*** Headline show with Resolve (france) and Teeth Crack

Other News
In September, we released the Pariah EP, to some rather astonishing reviews from various online outlets.  Thankfully all positive so far. We haven’t had any Spinal Tap “Shark Sandwich” style reviews just yet!  XD  Thanks to everybody who has taken time to review the EP.  We’ve had a lot of great feedback!

We haven’t seen any reviews in any of the mainstream, paper-based music rags yet either – so if you do spot one, plesase feel free to let us know and/or share a pic/scan of it on one of our social media pages!

In October, we spent a long weekend in Scotland having quality time with our roster mates in  Perpetua, where we played some great shows in Glasgow, Dumfries and Aberdeen alongside Perpetua and a host of other great bands. Thanks to everybody who came out to see us and bought shirts and CD’s.  We hope to be back up there soon for more Haggis, neeps and tatties!

We are also starting to write and demo ideas for a new batch of songs.  We don’t have any fixed plans for the new material ATM. So we don’t know if it will be an album, or an EP, it will just be whatever it is! There are no time-scales, no grand plans in action. We’re just going to take our time and see what we can come up with.   In the meantime, we’ll still be gigging the hell out of our existing back-catalogue!


Pariah EP released


The release date for the ‘Pariah’ EP is finally upon us!
From today, ‘Pariah’ should be available for download from all of your favourite music streaming/download sites (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify etc etc).

Digipak CD’s can also be bought from our stores at Bigcartel and Bandcamp. They will also be directly available at all of our upcoming shows.

‘Pariah’ has had a few reviews already – all extremely positive so far (linked below):

Many thanks to the people who helped us to make the EP:
Justin Hill (ex SikTh), who engineered, produced, mixed and mastered the EP.
Andy Pilkington from Very Metal Art, for his stunning artwork.
Nathan Hamley for shooting, producing and editing the Red Earth video.
Chris, Zoe and Sam for appearing in the vid.
The commune at the Zig-Zag building in Glastonbury for very kindly letting us use their premises as a location.
Cram Duplication for an endless supply of digipak goodness!

Huge thanks to Rachael and the amazing management team at ENSO MUSIC MANAGEMENT for their continued hard work and support.

Finally, massive thanks to anybody who pre-ordered ‘Pariah’. Your support is absolutely invaluable to us. We hope you enjoy listening to the new EP as much as we’ve enjoyed making it!


Kinasis News – August 2017

OK, lots has been going on recently.
First up I (Jas – Kinasis drums) had a few health related issues that needed sorting out – hence the lack of updates on the website. Fortunately, I am  back to 100% health now and ready to resume my duties. Back to rehearsals this weekend after 5 or 6 weeks away from the kit…..

During my down-time, the rest of the band have been busy upgrading their rigs and working out how to use their new gear.

A few weeks ago, we released the video for Red Earth – the first track from our new e.p. ‘Pariah’, which is due to be released on Fri Sept 29th 2017.  The video has been viewed over 6K times on Facebook.  Not so many youtube plays yet, but it seems to have been well-received so far!

More information about the e.p. release will be announced in due course. In the meantime, please continue to enjoy the new vid:

Live Dates:

We have a few live dates coming up – most notably we have just been booked as last-minute headliners for Mosh Against Cancer Derby 4 at the Hairy Dog in Derby on Sept 16th (replacing original headliners Divine Chaos). We’re looking forward to that one.
Our schedule for the rest of 2017 currently looks like this:
Sun 27th @ The Cobblestones, Bridgwater – The Bash all-dayer

Sat 16th @ The Hairy Dog, Derby – Mosh Against Cancer 4 (headline show)

Fri 6th @ Finns, Weymouth (T.B.C.) – e.p. release show
Fri 13th @ The Garage, Glasgow (w/ Perpetua + local supports)
Sat 14th @ The Venue, Dumfries (“Magnificent 7” w/Perpetua + more)
Sun 15th @ Musical Vision, Aberdeen (w/Perpetua + local supports)

Sat 11th @ The Frog and Fiddle, Cheltenham (Ashesfest VI)


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Kinasis News – July 2017

So we’re nearing the end of July and we’ve been busy behind-the-scenes making preparations for  something.  If you’ve been on our Facebook page recently, you may have noticed a count-down which will be reaching 0 this Friday… So something is happening on Friday…. But what?!  At this time we can only confirm that we shall be revealing something new. So please watch our FB page over the coming days to find out exactly what and when.

If you aren’t on FB – watch this space, or our other social media accounts on Friday for more details. And that’s enough mystery for now!  Or is it?!  {yes, that definitely is enough!}

We also have a few gigs lined up in the coming months.

August 2017
Sun 27th @ The Cobblestones, Bridgwater  (The Bash all-dayer with UKHC giants TRC Headlining)

Sept 2017
No bookings……. Yet!
Promotors: If you have any free dates, please contact our manager Rachael (Enso Music Management & PR):

Oct 2017
Scottish Tour supporting fellow Enso roster-mates Perpetua, plus local supports
Fri 13th @ The Garage Attic, Glasgow
Sat 14th @ The Venue, Dumfries
Sun 15th @ Musical Vision, Aberdeen (with Cleanse The Hive)

November 2017
Sat 11th @ The Frog and Fiddle, Cheltenham (Ashesfest VI) – Entry £5


Kinasis live @ Devizes tonight

After some much needed time off, we’re back in action tonight with a gig at our 2nd home-town – aka Devizes.

We’ll be appearing at The Bell by the Green alongside Rival Pilots and Radio Silence. The evening kicks off at 8pm. Entry is only £3.   We can’t wait.

We have made some changes to our set ahead of our appearance at the Tech-fest all-dayer in London on June 17th. At the cost of some old favourites – we have included three new songs from our new E.P. into the set.  One of them (Black Dog) has been in our set for a little while.  But the other two are pretty much unheard. One was played once at Mammothfest last year and the other has never been played live.  So we are excited to be publicly unveiling the new tracks tonight.

Speaking of the new e.p. – we have finally commissioned an artist to create the artwork for the e.p.  None other than Andy Pilkington from Very Metal Art. We will be also be filming the live action parts for the first video in the next couple of weeks with our good friend Nathan Hamley – who produced our videos for In Vivo and Mechanical Rapture.

We have more gig-dates and announcements on the way.  Please keep an eye on our facebook page and twitter feed.

April tomfoolery….

It’s been a while since we posted anything on our website – BAD Kinasis!
April 2017 has been an extremely busy month for us:
7th @ Rewind in Wrexham with our roster mates and besties Xerosun, along with Passavera and Teeth crack.
8th @ Readipop in Reading with our bros in Oakhaart – also roster mates of ours. Along with Gutlocker and Mercurys Well.
15th – A last minute booking to headline Ashesfest IV at the Dragonffli in Pontypool – with Black Emerald, Remnant, Parallax, Torqued and We Come From Ashes
21st @ Sanctuary Live in Basingstoke, opening for No Sin Evades His Gaze with Kadinja, Visionist and Shark Tooth Grinder
28th @ The Cobblestones in Bridgwater, opening for Red Seas Fire with our good buddies in Mithra

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We round off April tomorrow afternoon (30th) at the Brickmakers in Norwich for Thrashersaurus. We will be opening up the days proceedings at the B2 from 1pm.
Bring your hangovers from Saturday and some hair of the dog (purely medicinal) and we’ll see if we can help fix things by liberally applying loud metal to the affected area……

Kinasis Booked For Hammerfest…

We’ve been keeping quiet about this for a little while now, but we are very proud to finally be able to announce our participation in this years Hammerfest, which will be taking place at Hafan Y Mor Holiday Park in Gwynedd, North Wales from the 23rd-26th March 2017.

We are due to play the second stage on Saturday 25th March – from 2pm-2:40pm, for the HRH Young Blood section of the festival.
Here’s the full lineup for Saturday @ Hammerfest:

If you already have your tickets for Hammerfest 2017 – we’ll see you in the pit!

Huge thanks to our manager Rachael @ Enso Music Management for sorting this out for us!