Studio Update: It’s Officially a Blue Alert Situation!

OK, so we’ve put the festive season well behind us and have entered a new year….  Which can mean only one thing….. Our impending trip to record our new EP with Justin Hill is now mere days away. Next Wednesday (18th Jan) we start recording drums. The following Monday, we will be spending the week tracking everything else.

Bearing this in mind: “Aaaaaagh! Aaaaaah! Panic!” is the current theme at Kinasis HQ. We are officially at Blue Alert. I repeat – Blue Alert! We would have upgraded the situation to Red Alert, but it means changing the bulb….

Before we go any further – I know we’re a little late to the party, but HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Yes, 2016 may have been a complete and utter bastard for taking so many of our childhood heroes and heroines.  And yes there was all of the crap with the wests decaying relations with Russia over Syria. And the ignorance and madness on both sides of the pond surrounding Brexit here in the UK and the scary, orange, mop-haired muppet that got elected into The White House in the US in the Douche vs Turd Sandwich presidential race…. {Ooooh, careful… Politics! } 🙂

But all of that negative stuff aside, it was a great year for Kinasis.   We made a lot of new friends, got new management and had more gig bookings in 2016 than any previous year – a record we intend to smash in 2017!

Our highlights included (but were not limited to): our slots at Mammothfest and Frankfest and a tour with our Xerosun family!

Huge thanks to anybody who has worked with us, or supported us in any way in the last year. Even bigger thanks to anybody who has been with us for the long haul. We look forward to doing it all over again this year!

Next: Apologies.
Due to an ongoing bout of illness I, your humble, drumming narrator have been out of the picture for a good few weeks. So I have a lot of catching up to do, both online and IRL.  Especially WRT things like rehearsing the new material and posting updates. So, sorry for the lack of updates here and elsewhere on the web!

In the meantime, the rest of the band have been frantically working on the pre-production demo of the fourth, final new track for the EP.  Which has been sent to Justin.  Now we’re stocking up on all of the supplies we’ll need to survive our studio jaunt. Everything from strings, sticks and skins – To shovels, sheets of plastic and… bags.. of.. lime? – Wait….What are those for? ! {shrug} – Anyway, all of the usual essentials a growing band needs when going into a studio to record music and argue over what constitutes a wild or domestic animal for the intro to Excaliber!

Our lovely manager Rachael is already busily booking some live-dates for us, ready for when we finally emerge from the studio.  We should be announcing our first live date of 2017 very soon and many, many more will follow!

We really cannot wait to be able unleash the songs on the new EP.  We hope you will enjoy the new material as much as we do.  With any luck, it’ll be released before Tool finally get around to releasing their new album! Heh heh.   Either way, you certainly shouldn’t have to wait as long as you did for our debut album.   We stinky pwomise with vomit on top! 🙂

What? I told you I was ill didn’t I?!

Right, I’m off to rehearse the new material.  Until next time – ciao for now, me ol’ muckers!


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