Mammothfest 2016 – The Aftermath…..

Kinasis at Mammothfest 2016 (photo by Luke Bateman)

This time last weekend we were at Mammothfest!!

So, without further ado – massive, pre-historic pachyderm-sized thanks to Steve Dickson, Adam Sedgwick, Bob Tett and the rest of the crew at Mammothfest – far too many to mention.  And of course, anybody who caught our set in the afternoon.  As ever, we had an absolute blast. I (Jason – Kinasis drummer) managed to chip a bit of bone off the tip of one of my fingers and re-broke one of my toes – so it was definitely a productive, if slightly painful set!

As planned, we opened our set with a brand-new track called ‘Red Earth’ – One of the new tracks we’ll be recording with Justin Hill (ex SikTh) in January next year (2017).  Seemed to go down well with the audience from where I was sat…. Hopefully that is a good sign!  That’s the one and only time we’ll be playing that song live until after it is recorded.  So if you were there – you got an exclusive preview of our upcoming material.

There is a review of our Mammothfest performance online at :

Unless we get any gig offers that we cannot refuse – Mammothfest was probably our last live date of 2016.  But we’ll be gigging again once we have finished recording our new material in the early part of 2017.

Until then, we’ll be polishing up all of our new material and making preparations for our trip into the studio with Justin. And working with our new manager Rachael on all of the other stuff that accompanies a new release – artwork, merch designs, tour dates etc. etc.
And of course creating and rehearsing a new live set, which incorporates the new material.


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